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Pyckio We Bet Smarter
Pyckio is the new international Sports Betting community where you will be able to find the top Tipsters worldwide in every sport, follow them and improve your betting results. We’re NOT a Bookmaker.  If you think you could be one of them, just submit your picks in our platform and you can become a PRO Tipster. Our algorithm will determine who are the best experts. The top Tipsters will earn 50% of the revenue they generate. If you become a PRO Tipster, the more subscribers you have the more money you will make.

Our Team

Daniel Mateos (Co-Founder and CEO)

Daniel comes from the financial markets world. Were it not because he was fired in 2010 -maybe because you were betting too much at work hours, Dani? – he wouldn’t have switched stocks for bets. For that reason Dani says “I will always be gratefull to my stupid ex-boss”. From 2010 Dani has been a Tennis PRO Tipster. This was the main motivation to create this project. He reasons that if he’s been able to make a living as a Professional Tipster, why not look for sports experts worldwide and offer them the ability to become PROs like him? Dani loves Tennis and Football. He is a Real Madrid member and also support Real Sociedad de San Sebastián. He is responsible for the management of Pyckio, Contents, Finance, Marketing, office sweeping… you know all the work that has to be done in a new internet startup.

Fernando Montero (Co-Founder & CTO)

Fernando is responsible for all the Pyckio Technology, so you already know who to blame when the website isn’t working ;-). Fernando left the firm he was working for as a senior developer in order to create Pyckio with Dani. What a better job than one that combines his 2 passions, Technology and Betting? Fernando has been betting since many years ago. He even had his own Tipsters portfolio, Dani included. Now he is unable to place so many bets because Pyckio takes up all his time. He loves Tennis, is an unconditional fan of Rafa Nadal and his favourite WTA Tennis players are Ivanovic and Sharapova. We wonder why…

Joseph Buchdahl (Partner & Advisor)

Joseph is an entrepreneur of the Sports Betting sector since 2001. He has evaluated Tipsters records for more than 13 years. Joseph  has advised Dani and Fernando in the Pyckio product development stage. He will also be an important person in Pyckio partnership with the bookies, as he has great experience dealing with them. Joe will also help with marketing as he will help spread the Pyckio word throughout his several sports betting sites. He has written 2 of the most rigurous books in the Betting industry: “Fixed Odds Sports Betting: Statistical Forecasting and Risk Management” and “How to find a black cat in a coal cellar: The truth about Sports Tipsters”. Apart from football Joe loves cycling (and watching the pros kill themselves in the Grand Tours) and snowboarding. He is a bit sad lately, as his Liverpool is far from the level they showed last season. They were really close to win the Premier. All is not lost, however, since his home town team Cambridge United won promotion back to the football league after a 9 year absence.

Andrés Barge (Partner & Advisor)

Andrés, Pyckio partner, is Ph.D. in Economics by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He is a specialist in “Economics Cuantitative Analysis and Tecnology change”. He has worked as an expert in statistical analysis in databases in different projects for the public and private sectors. His work has made him worthy of the award Complutense Young Economy and “UAM-Accenture in Economy and Management Innovation”. He is currently a University lecturer in Microeconomics and Econometrics. He has collaborated in the creation of the Pyckio Rating. Andrés loves football, tennis and cycling. He is celtiña (fan of Celta de Vigo), culé and citizen. He thinks Mostovoi was better than Zidane; and he is sure that Nadal, Federer and Djokovic overcome Sampras. He enjoyed more watching Perico Delgado than with Indurain.

Alfredo Hiernaux (Partner & Advisor)

Alfredo, Pyckio partner, is Ph.D. in Economics and “Special Doctorate Award” by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has written numerous articles for the specialized press. He has worked as an expert consultor in statistical analysis for several firms in different areas such as economy climate, insurance sector previsions, investment portfolios setting, cuantitative marketing, data mining, cuantitative support for decision making or surveys analysis. He is currently a University lecturer in Economtrics and Statistics. He has collaborated in the creation of the Pyckio Rating. Alfredo is fan of Rafa and Masha Sharapova. He has been intensely tied to sports since he was a child (mainly swimming, sky, basketball and athletics). However, since numbers occupy his time, he doesn’t have many time left to practise them. the day is too short!!
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